Software Development kit

Bertec provides third-party developers access to our Device DLL which facilitates communication to our series of force plates and other devices. This Device DLL can be used by a wide variety of development environments. The SDK includes documentation, sample code, and bindings for .NET, Java, and C-level functions, and is provided free-of-charge.

Bertec Device SDK May 2014
Revision history


Digital Acquire™

Bertec Digital Acquire™ is designed to collect data from multiple force measuring devices and save it to either a text file or Matlab v4 compatible file. The text file can be formatted as either a comma-separated or tab-seperated file so that spread sheet programs such as Microsoft® Excel or OpenOffice easily be used to read and analyze data. Any version of Matlab from version 4 and upwards can read the Matlab file.

We provide Digital Acquire to our customers with non-balance force plates, and also make it available online for download in case their original CDROM disk has been lost or damaged.

Digital Acquire™ version 4.12 build 411
Revision history
Digital Acquire™ Program Documentation


3D Marble Maze Game

If you have attended one of the many recent trade shows that Bertec has been at, you may have seen our sales manager, Jeff Sobotka, inviting people to play the Marble Maze with our force plate. Since so many customers have inquired about the availability of the Marble Maze program, were are pleased to make it freely available for download.

The Marble Maze program emulates a typical wooden toy where you tilt the playfield to guide a marble from one end of the maze to the other. The concept is easily grasped by newcomers, making it a perfect fit for a demonstration project at a trade show or ad-hoc gatherings.

The requirements for the Marble Maze are reasonable low, and the program will run fine on most laptops and desktops. For best effect, turn the sound up as loud as you can in order to startle your coworkers! The Maze program runs in a full-screen display, and while the program is running, you can hit Escape to exit, Space to restart the game, and Z to re-zero the force plate if needed.

The program was built using a licensed copy of Unity3D and the Bertec Device SDK to interface with both our Force and Balance plates, and selected source code examples from the Marble Maze program are available upon request.

3D Marble Maze Game 


User Manuals

You may download and view the User Manuals that we have available. All User Manuals are in PDF format.

Bertec Workbook

Bertec Workbook QuickStart Physicians Guide

Digital Acquire 4

Force Plate Manual with Acquire™ 4.0  

Instrumented Treadmill Manual

PY6 Manual Bertec PY6 Load Cell



Instructions for returning equipment for upgrade or repair and for mounting the force plates are provided below. All instructions are in PDF format.

Anchoring Force Plate From Top

Force Plate and Mounting Plate Installation Instructions

Mounting Plate Gluing – Adhesive

Mounting Plate Gluing – Epoxy


Technical Specifications

You may download and view the Product Technical Specifications that we have available. All Specifications are in PDF format


Force/Balance/Jump Plates

Balance Plate Brochure Portable Balance Plate Brochure

Force Plate Brochure 

FP4060-05-PT Portable Force Plate Suitable for Gait Analysis

FP4060-07 Suitable for Gait Analysis

FP4060-08 Suitable for Gait Analysis

FP4060-10 Suitable for Gait Analysis

FP4060-15 Suitable for Gait Analysis and Sports Applications

FP4060-NC Suitable for Gait Analysis

FP4080-15 Suitable for Gait Analysis and Sports Applications

FP4550-08 Suitable for Gait Analysis

FP6012-15 Suitable for Gait Analysis and Sports Applications

FP6090-15 Suitable for Gait Analysis and Sports Applications

FP9090-15 Suitable for Gait Analysis and Sports Applications


Load Cells




Instrumented Treadmilll Brochure



Analog Amplifier AM6501

Analog Amplifier AM6504

Analog and Digital Amplifier AM6800

Digital Amplifier AM6500


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